" to examine in detail in order to discover meaning, essential features, etc "

Raw Data-Analysis 

Is it immediately obvious what you are looking at when you interrogate your spreadsheet? We can sort, filter, format, apply conditional formatting, what if statements and other formulas to make things really clear. We can do this quickly and rather cheaply too!

With our "Raw-Data-Analysis" service, you send us your raw data in any excel format and we can process it speedily for you. Results are usually sent the next day. Our customers say it makes the world of difference when key data jumps out at you rather that to have to search for it. This can help identify specific areas for further analysis. Select our "Raw-Data-Analysis" package for quick results for your specifications. 

Statistical Analysis / Trending 

Want to visualise data easily with pie-graphs, scatter-graphs, histograms etc. What is your data really telling you? Want to visualise how your data is trending? How do your current trends compare to past trends? Want project current trends into the future? Are you looking for best value solutions or future condition predictions? 

Choose our  "Statistical Analysis /Trending" package to help others draw the same conclusions as you. Results are usually sent the next day and we can style the data to match your company colours or report theme for your convieniece. 

Macro Writing (Visual Basic for excel) 


Do you Find yourself performing repetitive tasks in Excel? Are you spending too much time transferring data from one type of spreadsheet to another? Thinking about hiring a Tech Admin to spend hours doing the work which you find dull and boring?
Excel has powerful built in tools which will allow you to automate many tasks leaving you free to get on with more interesting work. Our team will be happy to write macro's for you that will give you the power to do with a click of a button - what used to take you hours before.


Desktop Studies

Do you have multiple data sources that you want to bring together? Do you need to summarise data to communicate the bigger picture? 

Our team loves number crunching! Let us crunch the numbers and give you something you can simply paste into a report. The data will speak for itself so all you have to do is show others.