" to plan or carry out (an activity) with maximum efficiency" 


Scheme Prioritisation

Do you already have a list of schemes? Your budget only goes so far. Not sure if you are attending to the most import ones first?

Let our team help prioritise your schemes objectively according to your own requirements. Do you want to make the biggest impact with your budget? Or do you want to adopt a best value, whole life cost model? Give us your data and your requirements and let our team crack on. 


Is your works programme optimised for maximum efficiency? Do your works complement each other?

Ever seen a resurfacing scheme followed by a drainage scheme ripping up the new surfacing the following year? Optimise your works programme to work to reduce disruption, costs and waste. Stretch you budget utilising TM more efficiently. Let our team develop a 5, 10 or 20 year rolling programme in line with the life cycle of the design life the materials you are using.

GIS Mapping

Want to see at a glance what is going on?

We use industry standard mapping software to display your data. 

Don't have mapping already? No problem. We can arrange to set this up for you on a standalone system or on your server for all to see. 

Already have Mapping? Great let us convert your data into shapefiles to upload straight to your GIS system.


Running short on engineers?

Our experienced engineers can assist with your design work for short term peak demand periods or alternatively we can place an experienced designer in your organisation on a permanent basis.

We also take design works packages in house if you don't have the space.