About us

TechEng Ltd is a UK roads & highways specialist sector company. We provide professional services, both as a consultancy and as a recruitment agency, entirely dedicated to the roads and highways sector. Our services are available to government departments, businesses and individuals. We are dedicated to providing customised solutions enabling our clients to deliver on time and in budget.

Consultancy Capabilities:

  • Highways Design  
  • Highway Structures Design
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Project Management (feasibility through to construction)
  • Network Review and Programme Development
  • Asset Management

We understand the challenges our clients have in finding the right people with the right skill sets and experience. Because we possess the in-depth knowledge required of specialised Roads and Highways sector roles, we know exactly what to look for and why.

We work with our clients to find solutions.

Recruitment Capabilities:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Staff
  • Contract Staff
  • Resourcing
  • Outsourcing

Roles we typically recruit for include:

Structures, Pavements, Drainage, Street Lighting, Traffic Management, Asset Management, Geotechnical, Environment, Tunnels, Bridges, Project Managers, CAD, Design, Quantity Surveyors, Team Leaders, Managers, etc.

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We are NOT your typical service provider!

We are still a professional organisation but we like to think of ourselves more as a community.

A community of:
Highway engineers, street lighting engineers, bridge engineers, team leaders, geo-technical engineers, analysts, signal engineers, pavement engineers, asset champions, drainage engineers, contract directors, inspectors, tech-admin personnel, traffic management engineers, routine maintenance crews, tunnel engineers, watchmen and so on. 

Our transportation networks are the economy's life blood. When we have done our jobs right most people don't notice anything at all. We work hard to keep things moving, to make sure that people can get to work, groceries make it onto the shelves of local supermarkets, goods from Amazon make it to your door.

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