Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

Education is so important these days. The world is changing all around us but one thing remains constant - the importance of our transportation networks.

We want to inspire and encourage the next generation of engineers to do things differently. More efficiently and above all more sustainably. We have an ever increasing need for engineers and not enough students going into the field.

We want to put the fun into engineering.

We are embarking on a campaign to do just that...

Watch this space!

People and skills for Disaster Relief

Redr are a registered UK charity and they supply engineers to disaster struck areas. Their 1,700 experienced humanitarian Members respond to emergencies all over the world, operating in over 80 countries last year.

Whether delivering essential water and sanitation in East Africa, assessing needs of displaced communities in Libya, leading relief efforts following the Japan earthquake and tsunami or helping communities in Haiti, Uganda, Zimbabwe or further afield, RedR Members work at all levels of global disaster response. Watch this space to see how you can get involved.


People volunteer for different reasons.

whether you are young and looking for experience to put on your CV / Resume, or retired and just want to stay involved the truth is that sometimes it really isn't about the money.  

COMMUNITY matters!

We have some great campaigns and programs where we support charities related to our industry and try and inspire the next generation of transport engineers. By volunteering you can contribute as much or as little as you want. No pressure! Every little helps. If you don't have the time, then perhaps you would like to make a small donation to the registered charity we support.   

Otherwise you can always just simply; "like", "tweet" or blog about our social programs to get the word out. 

To find out how you can get involved contact us.