Analyse.  Rationalise.  Optimise.

We provide professional services, entirely dedicated to the roads and highways sector. Our services are available to government departments, businesses and individuals. We are dedicated to providing customised solutions enabling our clients to deliver on time and in budget.

Consultancy Capabilities:

  • Highways Design  
  • Highway Structures Design
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Drainage Design  
  • Project Management (feasibility through to construction)
  • Network Review and Programme Development
  • Asset Management 

Asset Management:

“Asset management is a strategic approach that identifies the optimal allocation of resources for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of the infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future customers.” 
-Transport for London, Highway Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Services Made simple

We offer a range of technical services for the transport sector. We have experience in working with contractors, local authorities, Managing Agent Contractors (MAC’s) and government organisations such as the Highways Agency (HA) and Transport for London (TfL).

Our services include:

  • Raw Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis / Trending
  • Macro Writing (Visual Basic for excel)
  • Desktop Studies
  • Network Review
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Deterioration Modelling
  • Scheme Identification
  • Scheme Prioritisation
  • Programming
  • GIS Mapping
  • Design

We classify our work into three groups: 


" to examine in detail in order to discover meaning, essential features, etc. " 

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" structure and run according to rational or scientific principles in order to achieve desired results "

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" to plan or carry out (an activity) with maximum efficiency" 

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We strive for customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on getting it right. In such times as these, where the whole sector is facing budget cuts, austerity measures and having to deliver more for less we find ourselves having to evolve our systems and processes. By investing a bit more in the planning stages, there are significant savings to be made in implementation and delivery. That is where we come in. We look at the cold hard facts and supply you with the arsenal of data you need for investigating, planning, prioritising and developing your strategy or application for further funding.